Easter Journey

We also invite the children of years 3 & 4 of Berrow School to step into the Easter journey with us. We begin in the classroom where we set the scene and talk to the children about Jerusalem at this time, how it was ruled by the Romans, how security was a problem and how many, many people had come to Jerusalem for the festival of the Passover. We explain that we are going to travel with Jesus on this special journey of Holy Week starting with Palm Sunday.

The children then leave school to walk to the church and this becomes the Palm Sunday procession with the waving of Palms and the shouts, Hosanna, as we walk along.

On arrival at church we take the children to the area set out as the outer temple where the moneychangers and trades people are selling their goods, as the scene progresses Jesus enters and knocks over the tables of money and goods.

Then we move to a quiet area of the church which has now become the Upper Room where Jesus and the disciples have their Last Supper. Here the children are taken through the events of the meal and are offered grapes, Matzo crackers and juice.

Weather permitting we all move into the churchyard where Jesus is praying, and is later arrested, the soldiers led by Judas.

We then move to the area of the church where a Cross stands, and here we talk about the trial of Jesus, about Caiaphas, Pilate and the Roman Governor, then to the Crucifixion. We end this scene with the singing of, ‘When I think about the Cross’.

From this sombre area we then invite the children to move into the Resurrection area, previously used as the outer temple but now a place of light and hope and we talk about how on the third day Jesus overcame death and is still alive today, he lives in our hearts.