Pastoral Care

We know that in many communities, people will often take good care of each other. But sometimes there is a need for something else. Perhaps to talk to someone that you don’t know so well, or that you know can be confidential or discreet. We have a team of Lay Pastoral Assistants who are available to visit you if you would like them to. Pastoral care is simply where people offer help and care to others in their church or wider community, and is about listening, supporting and encouragement.

We can’t offer counselling, but we can point you towards people who can help if you would like us to.  If you would like to receive a visit from one of our Pastoral Care Team, or would like someone to contact you for a chat on the phone, please contact us.  You don’t have to attend church regularly to receive prayer or a visit.  Pastoral care is for all.

Our pastoral care team are involved in lots of different areas of ministry including:

  • Baptism visiting
  • Bereavement support
  • Supporting residential care homes
  • Visiting those who are unable to get out and about
  • Welcoming new people to the community