Neighbourhood Prayer Network


The Neighbourhood Prayer network has a vision to see every street in the UK being prayed for on a regular basis. And from this prayer, to help see communities rebuilt as we get to know our neighbours, and as Jesus encouraged us, to love them. As churches which love their community, we have decided to join this growing network, with the aim that every street in Berrow and Brean are covered in prayer both privately, and in our Sunday services as well. If there are needs that we can pray for specifically, just let us know.

New to Neighbourhood Prayer Network?  Here are some ideas to help you get started:

Step 1: Start praying for 3 houses, asking God which ones to pray for. If you are not sure, pray for the one to the left, the right and across the road. Alternatively pray for 5 neighbours by name.

Step 2: Every time you go out, pray a blessing over your street and all the people who live on your street.

Step 3: Pray the Lord’s Prayer at noon each day and remember to pray for your neighbours at this time.

Step 4: Get to know your neighbours, and try to show love and care to them as God prompts or needs arise and as opportunities arise, answer questions about Jesus or share your story of what God has done for you.

Step 5: Use the Neighbourhood Prayer Network newsletters for inspiration. There is a ‘Menu of ideas’ each week. We do not expect anyone to do all of them, but hope from time to time some of the ideas will inspire.