Friends of St Mary’s Church

The ‘Friends of St Mary’s’ was formed in 1998 with the primary object of offering practical and financial support to the Church of St Mary’s, enabling the execution of projects concerned with the maintenance and repair of the church and churchyard.

‘The Church on the Dunes’ has existed for more than 700 years, during which time countless generations have lovingly cared for its preservation and maintenance. We in turn are the privileged inheritors of this beautiful and sacred building and therefore must bear equal responsibility for its preservation.

Recent projects that have been helped by donations from ‘the Friends’ are:

  • To tarmac the pathway from the church gate to the main entrance thus creating a safer and more accessible way into the church.
  • To help with updating some of the heating and pipework within the church.
  • Assistance with an upgrade to our existing sound system to improve and enhance our worship.
  • To make a contribution towards an improved heating system within the church room, a well used facility by church and non church organisations.

The aim of the ‘The Friends’ is:

  • To assist in the annual expenditure spent on the preservation of this beautiful Grade One Listed Building that is St Mary’s Church.
  • To be able in the future to offer financial support to the PCC for the execution of a programme of restoration work, the cost of which will inevitably rise year by year.
  • To promote social activities open to all.

The executive Committee of ‘The Friends’ would warmly welcome and value your support by either:

  • a single donation


  • An annual Standing Order donation

(To Gift Aid any donation also improves our income by allowing us to reclaim the income tax already paid by you, so please consider this option). All cheques should be made payable to ‘The Friends of St Mary’s’.

Annual Standing Order payments can considerably reduce correspondence and postage costs.

For more information about ‘The Friends’ please contact us.

Registered Charity No X63444/1