Christmas Journey

Each year, we welcome children and staff from Berrow School for a Christmas Journey. The children assemble in the Church Room which is divided into two areas, one to represent a living room decorated for Christmas and the other area representing Mary’s kitchen.

The story begins in the living room where the children are told the story of creation and how mankind spoilt the earth and failed to remember God so God decided to send a very special gift to the world.

The children then move to the kitchen area where Mary shows how she makes bread, shares some bread with the children and then to her surprise she is visited by an angel who tells her she will have a very special baby and she is to name him Jesus.

We then all walk over to the church where an area is decorated to represent the hillside outside Bethlehem and the children meet a shepherd who talks about shepherding of that time before the angel reappears to tell the shepherd of the birth of a very special baby.

So on to the stable where we meet the horse, donkey, sheep and cow puppets who tell about the birth and all the comings and goings of the night. We move again to the area dedicated to the Wise Men where the children hear about the star that has been seen and the gifts the Wise Men will take as they set out to find the baby.

The journey almost over the children are taken back to the church room where now they hear how this is the beginning of the story and how this tiny baby grows into a man, how he heals, teaches, performs miracles and becomes the Saviour of the world.

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