Coronavirus Advice

We know that many people are finding the current coronavirus pandemic to be a time of high anxiety and concern, particularly those who are already feeling vulnerable. As a church we are looking to take the most appropriate actions in order to take the situation seriously whilst trying to minimise anxiety. The ministry team and churchwardens are monitoring all of the updated guidance from the Church of England and the Diocese of Bath and Wells and will make regular updates at main Sunday morning services and try to keep the website updated as well. If you want to find out more then you can visit the links below.

Diocese of Bath and Wells updates
Church of England updates

If you are unwell and have self-isolated, or for pre-emptive reasons have chosen to do so, we do not want you to feel alone and cut off completely. If you would like to be in contact with one of our pastoral team, please contact us and leave your information and we will arrange for you to be contacted. In line with our data protection guidelines we will not use your contact details for any other purpose.