Update on the building works at St Mary’s, Berrow

As many of you know, St Mary’s has been closed since 18th March for substantial reordering works which have been planned for over a decade. The works are to make the church building more accessible to everyone who would like to come in either to visit, to attend worship, or simply to find a place to rest.

Work is going well as we speak. The walls and ceiling have been given some fresh coats of limewash, the new ramp at the door has been installed. The floor platforms have been lifted, a new limecrete base has been laid, and the wood floor will start to be relaid on Monday 17th June. Repairs to the heating system, and electrical system are underway and should be completed in the next week or so. The frames to hold the casing for the heating pipes have been built in, and the casing will be installed in a few weeks time. The pews at the rear of the church have been adapted ready to go back in, and the new chairs ordered for the front section of the church have arrived ready to go in. The handrails for the ramp are currently being constructed and should be fitted soon.

The programme of works is running slightly behind schedule because of the length of time taken for the limecrete floor base to dry out to a point where the wood floor can be relaid. At the moment, we are planning for our first Sunday back at St Mary’s to be on 21st July, but more information will follow in due course as we get nearer that time. We will be planning something to celebrate our return and the future possibilities that lie ahead with a more flexible building. Watch this space, and thank you for your patience as the works have been carried out.