Partnership for Missional Church


Earlier this year I attended a training course in Wells and saw a video about something called Partnership for Missional Church. I thought it looked really exciting, and fitted in with discussions that we had already been having here. After a great deal of prayer, we have decided as a PCC and ministry team that it feels right for us to take part in the next Diocesan cluster who will be participating, and so I wanted to share a bit about it.

PMC is not a course or programme. It is all about encouraging churches to experience a sense of freedom in God’s mission by understanding how God is at work and then discovering the joy of joining in with him. There are 3 parts to the journey which we will be travelling over the next 3 years. The first phase is about listening to where God is at work already, discovering the story of the churches here in Berrow and Brean, and developing some spiritual practices – listening together as a church family. The second phase is about experimenting – trying things based on what we have discovered together already, and seeing what might work in our communities, as well as what might not work! The third phase is about focusing on God’s particular mission call for our churches here, and how we are going to put that into action.

PMC works with 2 teams of people – a steering team who will attend some events with clusters of parishes from across the Diocese, and a listening team who will be talking to people here in our parishes to get a sense of what God is doing, what they think about church etc. We are in the process of putting these teams together at the moment. But it will work best if we can all get behind it in prayer, and support one another as we really explore God’s beating heart for Berrow and Brean. So you can expect to hear lots more about PMC over the next few years – at least it might take our minds off Brexit discussions for a while!!

Rev Jonathan Philpott