Church walk on 22nd May

The May walk  on Monday, 22nd will be (weather permitting) to Brent Broad and Paradise, well, the bridleway reputed to have been used by Joseph of Arimathea on his journeys to buy lead from The Mendips.

We will meet at Brambles Road, north end at 10:30 a.m. and walk Brent Broad and the bridleway for about 25 mins (ish).

We will then turn right and walk the track to the east end of Stoddens Road, about 10 mins. ish. A turn to the right and a 7 minute walk will bring us to Lynne and Terry’s house where we will eat our PICNIC LUNCHES.

After we have recuperated from our exertions we will walk up Stoddens Road to Brambles Road 15 mins (ish) and then a couple of mins back to our cars at the north end.

If anyone can’t  get further than L. and T.’s then someone will bring a car back and collect.  The bridleway is rather rutted so footwear needs to be considered.